Why use Superjoin’s Google Sheets-Hubspot Integration?

Quick and Easy Integration

We’ve meticulously organized the data points to ensure easy accessibility in a format you’re already familiar with.

Preview your imports visually

Get a sneak peek of your data. Select columns, apply filters & limits as per your need before importing.

Automatic Refreshes

Enjoy one-click refreshes or schedule regular updates to ensure your sheets are always up to date.

Power of Google Sheets

Benefit from Google Sheets’ collaborative data analysis & other powerful capabilities.

Step-by-step walkthrough: How to connect Hubspot to Google Sheets


Get Add-ons

Select Add-ons and choose Get Add-ons. This action will redirect you to the Google Workspace Marketplace.


Search Superjoin

In the Google Workspace Marketplace pop-up window, search for “Superjoin”.

Click on Install

Click on Extensions from the Google Sheets menu.

Note: For the best experience, install Superjoin where there’s only a single account is logged in the Chrome profile.


Launch Superjoin

Once installed, navigate back to the Extensions menu tab in Google Sheets. Launch Superjoin from here. You should now see Superjoin running as a side panel on the right side of your screen.


Pick Hubspot

Select Hubspot from the list of available data sources.


Connect your account

Click on Connect and follow the on-screen instructions to connect your HubSpot account to Google Sheets seamlessly.


Select your object

Select the specific data objects you wish to import from HubSpot, such as Deals data.


Select columns

Select the columns you want to import, the columns you selected should start showing up in the data preview section. Select filters & associations as per your need.


Import your data

Now simply click on the “import” button to bring this clean data into your Google Sheets.


Data pulled! Setup a auto-refresh schedule.

Superjoin lets you refresh your imported data instantly with one click or set it to auto-refresh on a pre-set schedule. This way, you won’t need to manually update your Hubspot data in Google Sheets to reflect changes from the source.